Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Beating Cancer with the Help of Essential Oils...

Steve Fillmore beat cancer twice, with the help of Essential Oils

In the hope-inspiring video, Steve Fillmore, a 42 year-old flight attendant from Minneapolis, Minnesota tells Drew Canole how he combined chemo, great nutrition, and holistic methods to overcome testicular cancer.  He mentions that he used a combination of Frankincense Essential Oil and Turmeric to daily massage the areas where lymph nodes reside.*


Esteemed aromatherapist, author, and researcher Valerie Worwood cautions against using essential oils that are not organically-grown.  The chemical residues (fungicides, pesticides, herbicides) used in planting are also present during extraction and in the resulting oils.  Clinical aromatherapists are very careful about the oils they use therapeutically.

Aromatherapists also want to know what country their oils come from, and even what part of that country.  Worwood says that lavender is frequently grown in China and shipped to France from where it is "re-exported" as French.  French lavender used to be grown free of any chemicals under the clear blue skies of the Alps-- that is still the preferred place of growth, but, as everywhere else, massive freeways and industrialization exude their fumes and toxins over whatever fields they have growing near them... and there are a lot more fields of lavender growing this way than there were in the recent past. (The Fragrant Mind, p. 66-67)

Worwood also suggests that it is important to use an organic carrier oil and not to ingest essential oils without consulting someone who is in a position to recommend that to you based on their medical experience and training.

I would like to suggest that when dealing with cancer or other serious illnesses, that it is very important to consult with an actual working, well-trained aromatherapist, and not necessarily your friend who has an MLM investment and a few courses offered by the company that he/she distributes for.  As hopeful as the above video sounds, please do not do as he did without checking with a person with the aromatherapeutic, medical, nutritional background to assist.  *No information in this blog is meant to diagnose or suggest treatment.

Worwood has an extensive referral section in the back of her book.

The book

The Healing Intelligence of Essential Oils: The Science of Advanced Aromatherapy

is highly reviewed by customers  and strikes me that it might be a good resource for people doing healing research.  Information you find in this book or others can be taken to your chosen health professional for consultation.

All the best!  Fragrant Blessings, Cynthia

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