Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Essential Oils and Castor Oil for Cracked Heels

In yesterday's post we introduced the notion that Castor Oil-- that slightly bad-smelling, heavy oil reminiscent, for some of us, of purges prior to surgery in the old days-- is actually healing and effective when applied externally.  For whatever reason (old age?) I have cracked heels.  I have come across a really super recipe for smoothing and soothing the rough peeling skin on my heels.

Materials needed:

    Wash feet throughly and rub smooth with pumice stick
  • Dry feet 
  • Pour about a Tablespoon of Castor Oil on your palm.  Add a couple of drops of the essential oils 'blend'.  Gently mix together in your hand.  
  • Apply generously to both heels.
  • Tape gauze pads over heels and sleep on side to allow Castor oil and essential oils to be absorbed.  Repeat until heels are soft again.

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