Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Caring for an Old Flare-up of Whiplash

Back in the late 90s I had two car accidents that left me reeling with what I prayed (and prayed and prayed) would not be an ongoing chronic pain. Classic whiplash-- it most affected my right "wing" on my back and the pain radiated all the way down into my right palm.

I tried all the usual venues-- trips to the doctors, "muscle relaxants", trips to the chiropractor, etc. etc. etc.

One day I was walking from our fave little health store past a nextdoor shop and spotted an older Chinese gentlemen using a pen-like apparatus on a woman's hand. I quickly read the poster in the window that told about the service (a non-invasive acupuncture-type stimulator) and went into the store.

He demo'd the device on me and rented it to me for a couple of weeks use.

My dear husband studied up the book that came with the device and using what he learned (he's an accountant, not any kind of body worker lol)in about a half-hour's reading, he found the applicable meridian points and applied the electronic pulses to them. After less than a week, of four treatments a day, I was DONE with that pain. It was a miracle to me! We have since lent it out to many people dealing with everything from diabetic neuropathy to fibromyalgia and the after-effects of cancer radiation.

This week I began a 28-day Raw Vegan cleanse with a community of folks on-line. The first day went very well. On the second day I felt lethargic and a little achey, not unusual signs of detox. Last night I swear I had a revisit of the awful whiplash pain of years ago. I absent-mindedly reached for a nearby bottle of Peppermint Essential Oil and rubbed it into several achey spots on my neck and shoulder and went to bed. I kept my shoulder warm.

In the morning: NO PAIN!

It is is my philosophy that pain relief does NOT have to be invasive, painful itself, or cost a lot of money and time. That's been my experience, too, I'm happy to say. Another technique I use is EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) that uses the same meridian points that acupuncture does to tap away the energy blocks that create and maintain pain, both physical and emotional.

Do you have a comment or a technique or essential oil that you find particularly useful for dealing with muscle pain? Please share by clicking here. (Thank you!)

Fragrant Blessings!

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