Friday, November 14, 2008

My Favourite Flu Drink

This is a throat-soothing, soul-soothing drink when you feel like life is hardly worth the living... anyone who has had the worst of the flu knows to what I refer.

In a teacup,

Drop 1 drop of Young Living pure Lavender Essential Oil
1 drop of Young Living pure Thieves Essential Oil Blend
on to
1 teaspoon of Raw Honey
Pour boiling water over the honey. Sit back and enjoy a lovely cuppa!

**image kindly provided by Willie Cloete at Stock Xching.


Anonymous said...

Thieves blend and honey is wonderful when you have a cold also. I have never added the Lavender oil but will give it a try. Who says I have to wait till I am sick I do not plan on getting sick. It could help ward off the sickness if taken before I am totallly certain of this.
God bless oilhugs Patricia.

Monica Leibacher, LMT said...

Replacing the lavender and thieves with lemon when you have a sore throat is a wonderful relief.

Replacing it with peppermint when you have an upset stomach is also great.

HealthiaCynthia said...

Hey you 'oily ones'! You're totally right-- you don't have to wait to get the flu to savour these lovely teas, and lemon and peppermint oils are my very favorites... I'm going to have myself a nice cuppa peppermint tea right now!