Thursday, February 07, 2008

Sweetheart Turn-Ons

This time of the year Cosmo magazine is likely running a ton of articles on what is most likely to 'get him/her going'... Go buy some groceries and you can read all the really hot stuff in the check-out line if that is what you are hoping to find in this article.

With maturity we begin to recognize that there are as many different turn-ons as there are individuals. No real cookie-cutter solutions here, sorry.

♥Part of a successful relationship involves respecting your partner enough to talk about what she/he finds erotic.♥

A list of turn-ons that I came across for various women included:

♥Pick up your dirty socks
♥Great hygiene
♥Gentle kisses to the back of my neck when I don't expect it
♥Wash the dishes without being asked
A candlelit massage with really lovely essential oils

If your sweetie finds the last item appealing, I have some suggestions:

♥Use true, pure essential oils and not a 'perfume' labeled as an essential oil. See the previous blog about what goes into a pure essential oils
♥Don't use mineral oil (such as baby oil) as a massage oil-- it will not penetrate the skin and will inhibit the action of the essential oils
♥For a nice massage oil, use any of the following vegetable or nut oils (organic is best): sweet almond, sesame, walnut, hazelnut, or virgin coconut oil.
♥Less is more where essential oils are concerned... you only need a few drops of a great essential oil (ideas to follow) to the carrier oil to fill the air with wonderful fragrance and to benefit the person being massaged
♥To avoid allergic reactions, use candles without scent (because the scent used in candles is usually of the "perfume" variety and not pure essential oils). Beeswax is great!
♥Consult a library book on basic massage. Look at effleurage massage.
♥Keep the room relatively warm, soft music is nice, and be sensitive to special areas of stress and health concerns. Use caution and good sense about areas to avoid contacting with essential oils-- eg., face, lower abdomen, etc.
♥Single oils that are suited to a Sweetheart massage are Rose, Patchouli, Jasmine and Ylang-ylang. These are expensive oils, but they last for ages and the effects are worth it, the fragrance, divine.
♥Less expensive but effective, pleasing essential oil blends for this purpose include: Geranium, Joy and White Angelica. Joy is also part of the Essential 7 Kit.

Fragrant Blessings!

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