Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Essential Oils for Your Sweetheart

So, your sweetie has suggested that there are some heavenly pure scents out there that they would do anything to have?

You need some rapid education about pure essential oils before you purchase?

What you need to know right off the bat is that PURE essential oils are what you are looking for if you want to enhance the health of the person who will be applying or inhaling these little molecules.

  • You want essential oils that have been grown organically (without a bunch of chemical herbicides, pesticides or fertilizers) or that have been selected from foreign markets that pick and process the plant products from the wild in areas that have not been sprayed or contaminated by noxious petrochemicals
  • You want essential oils that are distilled with methods that retain optimal plant nutrients.
  • You want essential oils that are distilled with methods that do NOT use harmful chemical solvents to speed the process up.
  • You want essential oils that do NOT have the fragrances "enhanced" with artificial chemical scents

  • Essential oil molecules are so tiny they can pass through the skin in the bottom of the foot and make their way to the amygdala (the emotional center) in the brain within twenty minutes.

    Potent uplifting, romantic, joy-producing pure essential oils can produce a natural 'high' without nasty side-effects that pharmaceutical drugs cannot replicate.

    But remember the PURE part of the equation! If you apply or inhale essential oils that have started their lives as petrochemically-grown plants and/or have been distilled with toxic solvents and/or had various artificial scent-enhancing chemicals added, you not only miss out on all the true and powerful health benefits of the essential oil, but you take unnecessary risks to your health.

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