Monday, August 20, 2007

Geranium Essential Oil is still my favorite Deodorant

Today my husband is off to do a Raindrop Technique for a very dear friend who has cancer. Besides the usual highly antimicrobial oils, he will be using Geranium essential oil. In Valerie Worwood's classic, The Complete Book of Essential Oils and Aromatherapy, she describes Geranium as:

  • working profoundly on the emotions

  • disappearing chillblains overnight

  • bringing out the glow in skin

  • vitally important in treating endometriosis

  • very effective for menopause, diabetes, blood disorders, throat infections

  • often successful in helping reverse infertility

  • a calming agent (sedative)

  • And of course, it is the most delightful of all the floral scents! I love it in all seasons. I use it as a deodorant, putting about 10-20 drops of Geranium Essential Oil in a small roll-on bottle and filling the rest of the bottle with a vegetable oil. This lasts for an amazingly long time and is the 'crown' of my everyday grooming protocol.

    I do not use any chemical cosmetics if I can help it (no toxins in my shampoo; I don't use hair-care products like sprays or dyes or rinses; I don't wear make-up as a rule; etc.) If you are using a lot of chemical-infused personal care products you will likely not notice effective results with essential oils and in fact, you might even experience some unpleasant detox reactions (some people describe these cleansing reactions as "allergies") such as itching, burning or the like. Work towards eliminating the noxious chemicals from your personal care products (including toothpaste) and strive to eat a diet that is more alkaline, and in time you will only need a couple of drops of essential oils to serve as an effective and lovely deodorant.

    I try to use products that contain pure eYoungssential oils and DON'T contain unnecessary toxic chemical ingredients.

    To your health!

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    Will Rose Geranium oil work as well?, pub-0395730661756154, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0