Saturday, August 27, 2016

Day #6 of Essential Oil Revolution 2 with Robyn Openshaw

This was Day #6 of an opportunity to listen to 5 'experts' in the "unbranded" Essential Oil Revolution 2. 

As the summer winds down around here we are busy busy busy-- with our vegetable harvest, with the grapes dripping off the vine (for these we vie with the wily little raccoons), the usual church and community commitments, and we have been running around around with our 10-year old granddaughter, visiting from afar.  I apologize for not getting these posts out as quickly as I had hoped.

Here are all of the Speakers that presented on Day #6.  You can listen to them forever if you order one of the complete packages to view whenever you have the time to listen/view.  Go HERE to order.
The talk I listened to today that I found most useful was Robyn Openshaw's "The Truth About Cancer".  She spoke of how her early reflections on the effects of holistic vs. medical model cancer treatments informed her own later cancer journey.  

Robyn is known online as Green Smoothie Girl online.  She spoke with Dr. Z. about her family's multigenerational experiences with cancer and treatment/healing and how she believes that the holistic model of nurturing the immune system and neutralizing cancer along with other "radical" (i.e. alternative and non-allopathic) methods of allowing the body to heal itself are optimal for her healing path.  She actually went around the globe and interviewed various successful clinicians and healers and then looked at additional research in putting together a 26-Day Detox.  I was so excited by what I heard, and how it meshed with my own understandings, that I signed up to be an affiliate with her site.  You might be interested in doing this also after you listen to what she has to say, or go and read more about her.  If you want to be an affiliate, click HERE to apply.

On August 29th you will be able to listen to speakers from all the other days. Order the complete package of  36 presentations HERE

Friday, August 26, 2016

Essential Oil Revolution 2 and Grief Support

This is Day #5 of an opportunity to listen to 5 'experts' in the "unbranded" Essential Oil Revolution 2.  

Mary Clendenin
Mary Clendenin
"Using Essential Oils to Manage Grief"

Because there have been quite a few deaths of friends and family lately-- including the death of our little doggie, Zoe-- we have had a front row seat on grieving. You are probably quite aware of the so-called "Cycle of Grief" stages: denial anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance.  And you have likely heard that we 'all grieve as individuals'-- 'there are no two grief processes that are the same'.

But did you know that processing loss can lead to heart attacks?
If you have an opportunity today to listen to the talk by Mary Clendenin on "Using Essential Oils to Manage Grief" you will also learn about how the brain-located, small, almond-shaped amygdala helps to store and release grief and trauma.  If you have ever read about essential oils, you will already know the location of the amygdala (upper nose/forehead) and its relationship to smelling.  Mary will tell you more.
You will also learn about some of the most grief-supportive essential oils for uplift, calming, heart-support, and sleep.

Karey Shane
Karey Shane
"Touching the Heart and Soul of
Sex-Trafficking Victims"
Niki Gratrix, BA, DipION, mBANT, CNHC
Nikki Gratrix,
Essential Oils to Reverse the Trauma of Childhood 
Kimberly McGeorge, ND, CNH
Kimberley McGeorge
"Essential Oil and
the Frequencies of Emotion"
Sylla Sheppard-Hanger, LMT
Sylla Sheppard-Hanger, LMT
"Leaving a Legacy to Serve"

If you were unable to take in the Summit, or you know that you would like to have the entire collection of talks to listen to repeatedly (forever), click picture below to order the package.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Essential Oils Revolution 2 - Day #2 Focusing on Women's Health

This is Day #2 of an opportunity to listen to 5 'experts' in the Essential Oil business and professional arena.   What I particularly appreciate about this summit is that it is UNBRANDED in that they will not be advertising or referring listeners to any particular commercial brand of essential oils.  This essentially means that you will get "unbiased" information not based on speakers competing to have you in their downline as well as a lot of wild and unscientifically incredible characterizations of various oils and their blends, the founders and other geniuses involved in particular oils companies, and other facets of the tedius "Oil Wars".

Trudy Scott, CN
Trudy Scott, CN: Addressing Anxiety with Amino Acids and Oils

Each day I plan to do a brief review (or provide my notes) on a speaker/expert that I listen to that day.  I will likely refrain from giving away any particular information that I feel is unique to that speaker so that you can go in and listen to the presentation yourself.

Today, Day #2, with most of the speakers focused on some aspect of Women's Health, I choose to pass along my notes for what I heard from Trudy Scott, CN, who shares her experiences with treating Anxiety and Panic Attacks with a combination of excellent basic nutrition, Amino Acids and Essential Oils.   Trudy is a South African transplanted in California where she talks about having encountered Black Widow Spiders in the family's garage just after moving in there.  For anyone interested in an effective way to keep Black Widow Spiders out of your garage or home (or outhouse?) using a essential oils, be sure to tune in.  Her story of an essential oil blend to get rid of Black Widows inspired a recipe for an essential oil floor wash and bug repellent from the interviewer, Eric Zielinski.

The information she shared about Anxiety and CORTISOL-reducing essential oils (both the use of single oils and blends) was very interesting.  I plan to re-stock my essential oils 'medical cabinet' and will definitely do so with the one particular oil that studies shows is the popular pharmaceutical, diazepam, without the side-effects, of course and the cost.  The bonus is that the essential oil she recommends also decreases cortisol, which some of us don't want any higher than it is!  Yay!


Magdalena Wszelaki
Magdalena Wszelaki
"Rebalance Your Hormones with EOs"

Melody Watts
Melody Watts:
EOs for Mood Management & Stress

VĂ©ronique Desaulniers, DC
Veronique Desaulniers:
Using EOs to Maximize Women's Health

Mariza Snyder, DC
Mariza Snyder:
Secret of Hormone Balance with EOs

If you were unable to take in the Summit, or you know that you would like to have the entire collection of talks to listen to repeatedly (forever), click picture below to order the package.

Monday, August 22, 2016

Essential Oils Revolution 2 - Day #1

Each day for the next week there will be an opportunity to listen to 5 'experts' in the Essential Oil business and professional arena.  Free.  Online at a time that suits you over a 24-hour period.  One particular stand-out aspect of this summit is that it is UNBRANDED in that they will not be advertising or referring listeners to any particular commercial brand of essential oils.  That means that you will not be getting annoying emails from people trying to recruit you into a business that can cost more than you earn, if you are not an adept salesperson and hate "hawking" to people you know.

Dr. Ann Louise Gittleman "Essential Oils and the Bible"
Because I have been involved with essential oils as a distributor and a consumer for many years (I am no longer a distributor), I wanted to start with an area of learning that was perhaps a little more distinctive than most of the talks represented today.  I selected the topic "The Truth About Essential Oils and the Bible" with Dr. Ann Louise Gittleman,PhD.

Aside from a refresher on the health and healing merits of Frankincense, Myrrh and a few other "Biblical Essential Oils,"
I learned something quite amazing about a fruit of spiritual significance in the Bible that also happens to be, as a pressed oil, one of the highest antioxidant fruits out there.  You will be interested to learn what it is!  This particular fruit, when pressed as an oil, has all the benefits of other sources of Omega oils.  Dr. Gittleman's grandfather was a top Hebraic scholar and teacher, poet and linguist.  He taught Ann Louise to highly regard the holy Scriptures.

Another interesting area of sharing was around Olive Oil, sometimes dismissed by certain essential oil companies as having very little to do with being an essential oil.  Dr. Gittleman sees this as incorrect and listed many of the amazing benefits of cold-pressed good quality Olive Oil.  But she reveals, there is something shocking and corrupt happening in world wide Olive Oil distribution that you will want to know about.  Tune in and learn so you can possibly avoid counterfeit olive oils.


James Colquhoun
James Colquhoun
"Essential Oils and Food Matters"
Kristen Draughon
Kristen Draughon
"The True Power Behind
Essential Oil Testimonials"
Eric L. Zielinski, DC, MPH (c)
Interviewer/MC Eric L. Zielinsky, DC,
MPH(c) "What Every Aromatherapist,
Blogger, Distributor, and Mom
Needs To Know"

Robert Pappas, PhD
Robert Pappas, PhD
"Debunking all the Most
Common and Dangerous Myths"

If you were unable to take in the Summit, or you know that you would like to have the entire collection of talks to listen to repeatedly (forever), click picture below to order the package.

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Gardening and Essential Oils

Essential Oils are invaluable in the garden to protect plants against munching insects and to protect and treat the gardener against insect bites and sunburn and the like.

Because essential oils are natural molecules originating from plants, they are not going to disrupt or poison the environment.  The goal in gardening with essential oils is not to massively attack and eradicate anything perceived as "the enemy."

 The creative use of essential oils in your garden will enhance the growth and fragrance of your flowers and the great flavour of your edibles while encouraging pollinators to keep coming into your garden to do their essential work.  Here are some tips for inviting in what you want and repelling what you don't want (non-violent pest control) in your garden:

Bambi Hates Rosemary

Deer can wreak havoc in gardens, stomping on plants and eating decorative ornamentals and veggies.  It turns out that deer have an aversion to certain strong-smelling herbs like rosemary, yarrow and lavender.  Commercial repellents generally contain a synthesized version of this and sometimes include coyote urine as their chief deterrent (ewww).   You can grow rosemary, yarrow and/or lavender around the perimeter of your yard/garden, or you can boil up 6 sprigs of Rosemary in 8 cups of water with 2 teaspoons of Tabasco Sauce (or a teaspoon of cayenne with a shot of vinegar).  Spray on the plants and around the perimeter of the garden/yard.  (Yes, it is ultimately the release of the natural essential oils in the rosemary that repel the deer-- it may also repel other animals such as bunnies, cats and raccoons, not sure).

Repel Ants

\Ants "milking" Aphids
The greatest harm that ants do in my yard is to 'raise herds' of aphids, which they like to 'milk' the honeydew from for their own (and their queen's?) tasty little libations.  Growing common tansy, mint and pennyroyal plants around your affected garden plants (roses? fig tree?) or door to your home will repel them.  You can put 3 neat drops of essential oils of Spearmint and Peppermint on cottonballs and place beside your doors.  You can spray their nests and along shelves with the essential oils (diluted 8 drops of E.O in 1 gallon of water).  Garlic oil and citronella are also helpful.

  (Sweet Little) Aphids

Getting rid of ants as much as possible (see above) will probably cut back on your aphid problem, since ants are the cowboys of the insect world and aphids are their beef herds.  Other than that, just interspersing your aphid-vulnerable plants with nasturtiums, spearment, stinging nettle, garlic, potatoes, parsley, basil and horseradish will keep their numbers down.  Also, making a tea with any or all of the above (boiling the above together or putting plant matter in a pail and adding water that you will use in a few days) will make an effective spray.  Nasturtium is a good bet!  Essential oils like Spearmint, Peppermint, Cedarwood, and Hyssop work well.  For a spray, combine 4-8 drops of the Essential Oil with 1 gallon of water.

Black Fly Shoofly!

Annoying little suckers... they bite as well as being annoying in that buggy way they have.  Plant Stinging Nettle (don't laugh-- I have this planted in several places), Basil and Lavender.  Put some Lavender Essential Oil on when you are out where there are black flies.  Tangetes, Tansy or Lavender Oil can be sprayed to shoo them away!  4-8 drops of the essential oil in 1 gallon of water does the trick as a spray.  Strips of muslin hung as in a clothesline or like a line of pennants from the used car lot, and sprayed with, or soaked in, the various essential oils (4-8 drops in 1 gallon of water), should deter the flies from frequenting places in or near the cottage where people are gathered or individuals are trying to read a good summer's book.

Cut Out the Cutworms!

Where I was when I heard that John Kennedy had been assassinated-- and the first time I saw a large cutworm-- both imprinted on my mind with equal gravity.  Oakleaf and Oak Bark (as in a wood chip walkway, say, as a garden mulch) keeps away the cutworm population.  Try putting 3 drops, neat, of either Thyme or Sage Essential oil on a cotton ball and placing where you suspect the cutworms are gathering.  Spray the base of nearby plants in an area affected by cutworms with 4-8 drops of Thyme or Sage in a gallon of water.

And from Pinterest, a safe DIY Insecticidal Soap you can spray to keep the aphids at bay...

Go to the A-Store to check out the essential oils you might need

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Essential Oils for Lovers: Valentine's Day

Our mood is very much influenced by our sense of smell. So, with Valentine’s Day approaching, why not use the wonderful aromas of essential oils, some of which have reputed aphrodisiac properties, to create the right sort of atmosphere and spice up your love life? Here is a list of some of the essential oils thought to have aphrodisiac properties:

Jasmine has long been recognized as one of the most precious of essential oils. With a heady and exquisite, emotionally warming aroma, this oil is uplifting and confidence boosting.

Hera Nature ROSE OIL with Bulgarian Roses
Rose is one of the most favourite perfumes of all time (Cleopatra is said to have added rose petals to her bath), and is still used widely by today’s perfume industry. Rose essential oil has a deep, floral, romantic aroma that both soothes and uplifts.

Although jasmine and rose are the essential oils most closely linked with romance, both are very expensive. However, it is possible to buy them at more affordable prices diluted in a carrier such as jojoba oil.
Indian Sandalwood Oil with Jojoba & Argon Oil
Sandalwood has a sweet woody fragrance with meditative and sensual properties. This oil blends well with rose, lavender, frankincense and basil. Sandalwood is also expensive, as the tree from which it is largely obtained (Santalum album) is now endangered: so it’s best to think twice before using this oil.
Here are details of a few, more reasonably priced essential oils:

Ylang-ylang has an aroma similar in many ways to that of jasmine (it is sometimes called ‘poor man’s jasmine’); it is a sweet floral, exotic oil with a heady fragrance.

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Patchouli has been used as an aphrodisiac since ancient times, and more recently underwent a resurgence of popularity during the ‘flower power’ era of the 1960s. It has a strong, earthy and spicy, pervasive aroma, which appeals to both men and women. Patchouli blends well with frankincense, geranium, lavender and clary sage.

Clary sage has a nutty, lingering fragrance with subtle fruity overtones that is relaxing, sensual and euphoric. (Do not use if trying to conceive or pregnant.)

Vanilla – a sweet smelling essential oil with a subtle aphrodisiac effect.
A number of essential oils obtained from spices are also associated with aphrodisiac properties, including black pepper, cardamom, cinnamon, clove, nutmeg and ginger. All are stimulating, warming oils, with rich spicy aromas.

However, be warned… not all essential oils have aphrodisiac effects; indeed, some, such as marjoram, are reported to have completely the opposite effect and to turn off sexual desire!

How to use your essential oil(s)
Simply sprinkle one or two drops of an essential oil around your bedroom for the desired effect. Alternatively, why not give your partner a massage, using a blend of essential oils in a carrier oil, such as jojoba or sweet almond oil? Make sure that the room is warm, and use nightlights for added romance! Or you could share a bath to which you have added a few drops of chosen oils. Enjoy!

A few words of warning….
Please note, essential oils should never to be used in place of medical treatment. If you are pregnant, epileptic, suffering from high blood pressure or already taking medication consult your medical practitioner or a qualified aromatherapist before using essential oils. Never take essential oils internally, and keep them away from children, pets and the eyes. Do not use directly on the skin – always dilute in a carrier oil first. Essential oils should also be kept away from naked flames – they are volatile and therefore flammable.
Alix Williams is a regular contributor to the holistic website a home based UK business providing hand made Aromatherapy Stress Relief Gifts.
Alix Williams also writes about creating unique Valentine's day Gift ideas with Essential Oils.
For more information regarding Stress Relieving Gift ideas with Essential oils for Valentines day, please visit:
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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Beating Cancer with the Help of Essential Oils...

Steve Fillmore beat cancer twice, with the help of Essential Oils

In the hope-inspiring video, Steve Fillmore, a 42 year-old flight attendant from Minneapolis, Minnesota tells Drew Canole how he combined chemo, great nutrition, and holistic methods to overcome testicular cancer.  He mentions that he used a combination of Frankincense Essential Oil and Turmeric to daily massage the areas where lymph nodes reside.*

Esteemed aromatherapist, author, and researcher Valerie Worwood cautions against using essential oils that are not organically-grown.  The chemical residues (fungicides, pesticides, herbicides) used in planting are also present during extraction and in the resulting oils.  Clinical aromatherapists are very careful about the oils they use therapeutically.  They also want to know what country they come from, and even what part of that country.  Worwood says that lavender is frequently grown in China and shipped to France from where it is "re-exported" as French.  French lavender used to be grown free of any chemicals under the clear blue skies of the Alps-- that is still the preferred place of growth, but, as everywhere else, massive freeways and industrialization exude their fumes and toxins over whatever fields they have growing near them... and there are a lot more fields of lavender growing this way than there were in the recent past. (The Fragrant Mind, p. 66-67)  She also suggests that it is important to use an organic carrier oil and not to ingest essential oils without consulting someone who is in a position to recommend that to you based on their medical experience and training.

I would like to suggest that when dealing with cancer or other serious illnesses, that it is very important to consult with an actual working, well-trained aromatherapist, and not necessarily your friend who has an MLM investment and a few courses offered by the company that he/she distributes for.  As hopeful as the above video sounds, please do not do as he did without checking with a person with the aromatherapeutic, medical, nutritional background to assist.  *No information in this blog is meant to diagnose or suggest treatment.

Worwood has an extensive referral section in the back of her book.

The book

The Healing Intelligence of Essential Oils: The Science of Advanced Aromatherapy

is highly reviewed by customers (164) and strikes me that it might be a good resource for people doing healing research.  Information you find in this book or others can be taken to your chosen health professional for consultation.

All the best!  Fragrant Blessings, Cynthia